Hello - Am currently on H1B with petition approved until Dec 2026.My first AP was approved until 10/5/23. I applied for both EAD and AP renewal in August'23,EAD is approved and AP is still in process. Am travelling to India towards the end of Nov'23 and have planned for a drop box stamping. My plan is to travel back to the USA with stamped H1 Visa. Can you please address the below questions. 1.) My understanding is the current AP renewal in process will be abandoned after my travel out of USA and I have to reapply when am back to USA (on H1B visa) 2.) Will the AP abandonment impact my I 485/Green card process in any way? My priority date is Apr 2014. 3.) Will there be any issues when I come back and reapply for AP? 4.) Is there any travel advice (should I or should I not travel) given my scenario? 5.) Any alternative for my scenario like temporary pause of AP processing to avoid reapplication. Appreciate your insights and answers. Thank you

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