Our son is a Canadian citizen and his country of birth is India. He is an F1 student studying in medical school. He will finish his medical school in May 2024 and will start a 4 year medical residency program in July 1, 2024. He is going to marry a US citizen in May 2024. Questions: 1 . For medical residency program which visa is better, H1B or J1? Do you recommend one over the other 2. Since his marriage is in May 2024, how early can he apply for GC through marriage. If he is on J1 visa, is there going to any complications to get GC through marriage? 3. He is planning to start medical residency with F1 OPT and then change to H1B or J1. For medical students how long is the OPT period ( 14 months or 36 months)? 4. What is the current processing time for GC through marriage?

User's Location: Enola, Alabama, United States of America

Category: General Immigration