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Hi Sir/Madam, Can someone help me with a quick question with I140 Priority date. My Current employer filed my i140 in 2018 and Perm got applied on 12-NOV-2018 and had a approved I140 following year. But had a wrong priority date printed 11/12/2010 instead of 11/12/2018. Looking at it, same time I requested our companies law farm to get that fixed working with USCIS but unfortunately our company changed the law firm at the same time and no one took care of it. Getting into my current scenario, I'm looking to switch my employer and my new employer asked if I ever got the I140 priority date issue corrected. My question for you, 1. will my I140 still be valid? 2. Can my new employer apply a H1B transfer with no issues (I'm done with 6 yrs of my H1B currently)? 3. Can I provide any additional documents from my current employer to fix the data issue when future employer files for i140. Please let me know if I can help with any additional information.

User's Location: Tampa, Alabama, United States of America

Category: General Immigration