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I am currently in India. Planning to comeback in December 2021 My husband is a Naturalized US Citizen (May 2021) and our Son is also a US citizen by birth (17 years old) . I have green card Valid till Sept 2025 Here are are important dates Lived in USA for 17 years. Since August 2001 Received green card on 09/15/2015 Left USA on a two return permit in 2017, father passed away. Came back to USA in April 2018 and went back in June 2018 Return permit expired - April 2019 Could not come back due to self health issues, minor son studying in the school , looking after a sick and lonely mother. I planned to come back in 2020 but could not due to Covid 19. Now life has settled down a bit and ready to comeback in December 2021 to join my husband. My husband has a permanent disability. He has been living in US by himself since 2018. We have been filing taxes in US for all the years thus far. I have US bank accounts/credit cards. I have a house on my name Question : Will I be allowed back in the country? Should I take a chance or it is not worth it. Rather I should surrender my green card and ask my husband to apply for Immigrant visa based on his citizenship.

User's Location: Mumbai, India

Category: General Immigration