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I am a Canadian citizen, applying for a green card, and I am currently a professor in computer engineering at Qatar University, Qatar ( I got the authorization for self-petition through NIW, and I applied for IV-E21 (PROFESSIONAL HOLDING ADVANCED DEGREE OR WITH EXCEPTIONAL ABILITY). I did the consular interview at the US embassy in Doha, Qatar on April 21, 2021, and here is the status of the application for my family of 5 members (, showing all visas for my family members are ready, but my visa is under administrative processing. Unlike many of my non-Canadian friends who got their IV granted in the last 2-3 years, I received official requests from consular to get a secure job offer from a US employer, and to resign from my current job in order to continue processing my IV application. The chain of emails, and all document are available. Is there anything I can to counter the consular's request to resign before getting the visa? since this will have very high risk for me and my family?.

User's Location: Doha, Qatar

Category: General Immigration