I Have applied for H4 EAD in october 2020. It got approved and we received EAD card in May first week 2021. When we applied for EAD we also checked option for SSN along with EAD We waited for 1 month after receiving EAD For SSN, but we didnt receive EAD We wont to local SSA office and applied for SSN . its been 2 months but we didnt receive SSN yet. When We contacted SSA office they as saying the SSN application is pending for immigration verification from USCIS. they have provided chicago uscis no. we tried to contact USCIS office through phone, but the automatic machine didnt assinging us an agent to speak when we mentioned about ssn. pleazse let us know what are our options

User's Location: st louis, Alabama, United States of America

Category: General Immigration