Hello, I am currently employed under L1A visa and also have a AOS based EAD card. My employer has indicated that he is going to terminate my employment but has not confirmed a date yet. In the meantime I have received a job offer with a new employer based on EAD card and I have accepted. My primary question is: can I still continue to work for my current employer under L1 and take up a 2nd employment with EAD? The reason I don't wish to quit is because I don't want to lose any severance package that my current employer has to offer( I have been working for 15 years with them). Also my secondary question is: normally my employer revokes the i140 petition after employment termination. But my i140 was approved in December 2018 and I'm waiting for my i485 priority date to become current anytime soon. Will there be any issue on my GC processing if my employer withdraws the i140 petition?

User's Location: San Jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: General Immigration