I am a Physical Therapist working currently on H1b visa and I had spoken to you on phone through Law bench.com in June recently. I am working on H1b visa since past 8 years in USA.My spouse is on H4 visa. I want to do an H1B transfer now but I have recent 3 pay stubs of May and June with only 40-45 hours biweekly instead of 80 hours biweekly as mentioned in my H1B petition.This is because of my current employer not able to pay me for full hours due to less work due to pandemic situation. I can try to file for H1B transfer but I am worried that due to less hours on pay stubs , I can get a RFE or denial by USCIS due to inability to have maintainence of status.Now due to the new executive Order effective from June 24th, H1B stamping is on hold/ Ban till December end. 1. If I do an H1B transfer and USCIS suggests Consular processing, Will I be allowed to work with the new employer until next year when the ban on H1B is lifted Or do I have to leave USA right away ? 2. Do you think that USCIS will consider and approve H1B Transfer with less pay stubs due to the current pandemic situation ? 3. Is it safe for me to convert to one part time H1 B only (not two)with less than 32 Hrs /week

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