Parents have 10yr B2 visa valid till 2025. They visited US in 2016 for 2.5 mnths and now in US & were originally planning to leave on 4/5 before 4/10 (I-94 expiry)but due to COVID19 planning to extend till 6/20 1.B2 extension proc time is 5 month,so likely we will not have a decision till they are back to India. So a. What happens if extension is denied - will their stay from 4/10 (I-94 expiry) till 6/20 be considered out of status?Will it pose problems during next visit? b.If they are called for biometrics and they are already in India, will they have to visit the US embassy in India? 2.USCIS offices are now closed, if I send in the paper application(family appl'n can't be done online) what will be the receive date? Will USCIS mailbox be open to receive applications at this time even if office is closed? 3.Date of entry on passport seal is 10/11/19, but I-94 online entry date is 10/12/19-what should I enter as their date of arrival in the application form?Should I attach explanation or correct this at CBP(processing may take a while) 4.USCIS recommends to apply45 days before I-94 expiry, will applying this late pose any challenges? 5.How soon can they safely revisit US?

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