Hi , Can you please help With the following questions : My situation: I am currently on H1B with employer A and the 6 year  H1B period expires by first quarter 2021. My I-140 with employer A was approved 2 weeks ago and I am Planning to move to employer B. My H1B transfer to employer B is already approved till end of first quarter 2021.  I am supposed to start with employer B by mid December 2019. Questions: A) Can employer B use my approved 1-140 to get unlimited H1B extensions  after completing my initial 6 year H1B period.  This question is assuming the worst case, employer B did not start my green card process again to make it current. B). Can my wife whose opt expires on Jan 2021 ( assuming the worst case if H1B is not picked next year ) get H4 EAD with I-140 approved from previous employer A and work with the same employer as mine (employer B) on H4 EAD. C) should I stay with my current employer for at least 180 days after my H1B is approved , before i can switch jobs ? D) what Benefits I get from immigration prospective by having approved I-140 from one employer in terms of H1B extensions, switching jobs and H4 EAD.

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