Dear Madam/Sir, My H1B will be expired in a few days. In order to COS to H4 I have filed an I-539 (with I1145) about 10 days ago but up till now haven't received any phone messages or the emails from USCIS. The check wasn't cashed yet. Thus I am not sure if USCIS actually received my I-539 package. I want to ship USCIS another I-539 package with exact the same documents as I shipped out 10 days ago, since if USCIS hasn't actually received the first package, once my H1B get expired I will have no chance to file COS anymore. On the other hand, if both my first and second package never get lost and will be received by USCIS, will that be a problem for my COS to H4? Thank you. Jerry.

User's Location: San Jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: General Immigration