Both my wife and I are in H1B status. And both my wife and I had changed our status from F1 to H1B within US. I've received an RFE on my H1B extension and my H1B will expire very soon. To avoid the possible out of status if I finally got denial on my H1B, I am planning to file an I-539 to change my status to H4. In the Form of I-539, Part 3, 2.a: Is this application based on an extension or change of status already granted to your spouse, child, or parent? Shall I select Yes or No? My understanding is that since my wife got her H1B status from COS, so I should select 'Yes' and provide her H1B receipt number in 2.b. Could you please share your opinion on this question? Thank you and I appreciate your help. Sincerely, Jerry

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