I had applied for H4 EAD in Dec 2016 and got it until 12/04/2019. My spouse changed job in March 2017 and I did not bother to apply for EAD again at that time. Spouse's H1B is valid til 04/2020. Now that my EAD will expire in less than 6 months I am planning to apply for renewal based on my spouse's H1B which valid until 04/2020. Spouse's company will apply for H1B extension in Oct and I am planning to apply for my I-539/EAD along with his H1B. Is this workable? I mean is it ok to apply now and then again in Oct? My concern for applying now and not wait until October is that the processing time takes atleast 5 months.

User's Location: Chicago, Alabama, United States of America

Category: General Immigration