Hi, I need an advice regarding a mistake which I made while filling G-325A Biographic Information form. There is a particular section which inquires applicant's employment last 5 years. I have filled it, with my employment history which only cover past 2.3 years. For the other 2.7 years within the last 5 years I was a PhD student and I was employed as a research assistant with assistantship. Instead of stating 'research assistant' or 'graduate student' I left it blank. This way I have described only 2.3 years of employment in my G-325A form. However, I sent my I20 that could prove my legal status during that 2.7 years. During the green card interview the immigration officer didn't ask me why I have this gap so I didn't bring it up. Recently I received my 10-years green card. But this thing still bothers me a little bit. I am a little worried that this would cause some issue in the future. What's the worst thing could happen? Is this kind of thing possible to be treated as fraud or misrepresentation and cause denial to my naturalization and green card renewal? Thanks.

User's Location: Chicago, Alabama, United States of America

Category: General Immigration