Hi, I am on EAD/AP (EB2) and also hold H1B. I got EAD AP through "dates for filling" my Priority Date is June 1, 2009. My wife also EAD/AP. Questions: 1. As I have EAD/AP and also H1B. Through AC21 if I change my employer to other employer do I need to file Green card all over again like Labor, I140 (Porting from old employer)? OR How do I get Green card with the new employer/Company. 2. If I have plans to go to India for 6 months to 1 year due to personal reasons in my current status that is EAD by resigning to my company. With the above being the case (Question2): - Is it OK to stay in India with out employment and no payroll ? - Also will my EAD/AP be active? -Can I and my wife get EAD/AP extensions without employment? Please let me know. PC.Ram Texas.

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