Dear Attorney, My wife who is on H4 dependent visa and she is a dentist back in India. She wanted to pursue her education here in USA and trials are going on the same. During the process and to gain USA dental experience she was working as volunteer at one of the dental office here in USA .As a gratitude they were paying some 70- 80$ per week for her work. They were giving this amount on their company's check. At the end they issued 1099 form for the total amount they paid(2059$) till date. so, now i have to report this as a miscellaneous income to IRS anyway. Now, The question and concern here i have is, As she being on h4 dependent and has no valid work permit. Can this be a issue in the future anytime during my Green card process? If so what is the best thing i can do this to avoid the issue in the future. Kindly reply.

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