Hello My Name is Imran Khan and my wife Saher khan left USA on 26 July 2018 and travel to Pakistan because her medical situation was very bad . We both have Green card ( Through employment ) and we have Boy , born in USA in 2016 . Since as a general rule you cannot stay more than 6 months out side USA if you have Green card . Since my wife medical situation is still not good and it will difficult for her to travel back to USA soon . Her 180 days ( 6 months ) will End on January 12th 2019 . My question is what happened at immigration when she entering the Country ? if she come back in February or March or April 2019 ( I mean my be after 7 or 8 or 9th Months ) , ?? Do we have any Solution so that she can easily enter the country with out having any trouble at immigration . plz suggest

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