Hello, I already have an approved I 140(only receipt number is available don't have the approval copy) from my old company and had filled my I 140 with the new company last year which I upgraded recently to premium processing after which I got a NOID. After responding to NOID the case was denied since the Company had gone through entity change in the beginning of 2018. The attorney firm also filled an amended new I 140 in parallel while responding to NOID since they have seen lot of denials. My questions here are 1) Can we upgrade the amended new I 140 to premium processing is USCIS accepting PP now 2) If yes is there any wait time after which only the case can be upgraded to premium processing. My current attorney says that she is not sure if USCIS will accept Premium processing for the new amended I 140 they may or may not. They also said that we need to wait for 30 days after filling to upgrade to premium processing. Please could help us with this situation, I want to upgrade my I 140 to premium since my husband EAD needs to be initiated what are my options.

User's Location: REDMOND, Washington, United States of America

Category: General Immigration