Hi, My current company field the GC in EB1 (Concurrent) in May, 2017 and I got my EAD/AP in September, 2017. As my L1-A extension got rejected in Oct 2017, started working for the same company using my GC – EAD. In May, 2018 EB1 - I140 also approved and I 485 is pending. Another company filed H1B with change of status and that got approved with I94 effective October 2018. I don’t want to have my GC process get impacted due to approved H1 – B. Request your comments / suggestion on following queries: 1) How can I continue working for my current company until my GC is done without having impact on H1B. (I want to keep H1 – B as backup as the decision on GC is not yet out) 2) If I continue to work in my current company after October, 2018 – what would be the validity of my GC – EAD. Will the status automatically moved to “H1 – B” from GC – EAD. 3) Do I need to request my other employer to revoke H1B immediately to avoid impact on my GC processing? 4) In a scenario, if I travel outside of the country and coming back with Advance Parole after Oct, 2018 – Does this invalidate the H1B automatically? shall I able to revoke H1B later( if needed). Regards Durga

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