Well, I landed USA on Jan 24,2017 on B2 visa (5 years visa).On June 02 I applied for I539 .Then I filed I-140 as EB-1 on June 09 .With Rfe filing ,my I-140 was approved on September. With approved I-140 I then filed I-485,AP/EAD on September 29 which are still in pending now.My fingerprint is also done on Nov 19. On 14th Feb 2018 , I got a notice that says " your request to extend your stay is denied.This decision may leave you without lawful immigration status.If you are present in the united states in violation of the law,you are required to depart immediately. Remaining in the united states without a lawful status after the date of this decision may result in the accrual of unlawful presence under section 212(a)(9)(B) of the immigration and nationality act (INA) and may adversely affect your ability to return to the united states lawfully in the future.. ." What should i do now.Am I out of status now?what happens to my pending i-485, AP/EAD. Lawyer says " take emergency advance parole ,go to home country and try to re-enter US from visa to get new I-94 .He says new I-94 will only save my pending I485. Emergency AP doesn't save i485 but only to enter US in case.HELP ME.

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