Hi, My wife visited India last year & returned in Aug 2016.At port of entry she had I-94 entry till March 2017 although stamped H4 dependent Visa was till 28th Sept 2017, as her passport was expiring in march 2017. We had her passport renewed from SFO consulate of India and visited, Border security office at the Airport, showing all documents and asked to extend I-94, That time officer there said, you need not worry as passport has stamped Visa and I-797 has I-94. Now while filing extension, I-94 is invalid for her. How do I sort this issue without risking her to return back to India. We have already approached deferred office by sending all documents stating the case over FAx and awaiting decision. My H1B expire on 28th Sept & have to apply for extension before that. Plz advice

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