Hi, - My wife is currently working in the USA on F1 OPT (expiry August 2024). Her firm is going to file for an H1B visa this year (2024). - I am working in the USA on H1B visa that expires Feb 2024. This is my last cycle (6 years over). - My firm has filed for a H1B extension after using the recapture time outside USA. This extension should be good through May first week 2024. - My PERM filing date is Nov 2023. I have not recieved my I-140 yet. - After May 2024, my firm is going to temporarily move me to Canada office until I get my I-140 (they will do premium processing) I want to explore options to visit my wife in the USA. Can I visit on F2 visa? What are the timeline for processing and process for CoS from H1B to F2? Are there any other options?

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