COS H1 to H4+EAD case receipt date - 08/07/2023 Current H1B and I 94 expiry - 12/21/2023 Service center - Nebraska. Current average processing time is 5.5 months and I don't expect case outcome before H1B and I -94 expiry. In that case, can I stay lawfully in USA after 12/21/2023 while my I-539 COS is pending and I-94 has expired? If yes, for how many days can I stay? I understand I cannot work after 12/21/2023 until H4 EAD card arrives. Does the profit gained from stock trading considered as illegal income while my H1B has expired? If the case is rejected, how many days do I get to leave country? Does my waiting period for case outcome deemed as unlawful presence? Requesting some clarification on above queries.

User's Location: Sayreville, Alabama, United States of America

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