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Hi Indu, Hope you are doing good, I am on H4 EAD status and working a full time job (on W2) and I recently got another full time offer (on W2). Question - Can I do two full time jobs at the same time? - Does it have an impact when I visit my home country for VISA stamping or during the GC processing? Note- Employer#1 is not aware of this and nothing specific is mentioned in both the offer letters (Employer 1,2) Also, my visa is getting expired on 9/26/2022 but I have my i-94 extended until 2025 and am waiting on my H4 EAD card extension. Can I still work for next 540 days as per the new auto extension rule? H4 and H4 EAD file date is Feb 2022. Link from USCIS- Thank you in advance

User's Location: Murfreesboro, Alabama, United States of America

Category: All Other US Visas