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Hello Indu, My husband got new job and his employer is filing for H1B transfer, however, they do not cover H-4 extension but they offered to submit form concurrently with H1B transfer. And here is my query for I539 form, there is a question on Page 3, Part 4, Item#14 that asks "Have you or any other individual included in this petition, been employed in the US since last admitted or granted an extension?" and my answer is No. To explain how I am supporting myself, should I mention my husbands current employer name with current salary and previously approved receipt number or new employer name with new salary (he is yet to join there so only offer letter is the proof) and no receipt number or should I mention both? Any example you could provide for transfer case and what should be the supporting documents for this?

User's Location: Manchester, Alabama, United States of America

Category: All Other US Visas