My wife is currently on H4 EAD and is employed with company X. My wife was informed yesterday (6/16/2020) to provide necessary documentation to proceed filing for H1B as her H1 lottery got picked. My wife is looking for other opportunities as she is looking for a change. We are unsure when she will land in a new job at this time. We have below concerns: 1. What happens if her H1 petition gets approved. Will it be effective starting October 1st 2020 or will she be under H4 EAD until she travels out of the country. 2. What happens if H1 gets denied, can she still continue to work on H4 EAD ? I assume that is the case but wanted to get a clarification. 3. Can she revert to H4 EAD if we decide otherwise. What is the timeline for that ? 4. Either case can she be employed during the process while she is on H1B awaiting to change to H4 EAD ? 5. Lastly, Is it better to stay on H4EAD or change to H1B

User's Location: olympia, Alabama, United States of America

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