Hello, I'm currently holding F1 visa and am trying to switch to H4 and working with H4 EAD. We got I140 early this year however my husband's H1B expires in Sep 2020. 1. Before he renews his H1B, I applied COS from F1 to H4 plus EAD in March, based on my spouse's current H1B, this enables me to keep my status in the U.S. as my F1 visa expires in August. 2. After my spouse's H1B renewal got approved in April, and as my March application was still pending, I applied another COS from F1 to H4 in end of April, which was based on his renewal H1B that would valid in September. Therefore, I have two pairs of COS and EAD applications (with two different USCIS service centers). My question is, what's the best way for me to get 2 EAD cards and start working asap, without much confusion from USCIS? Do I really need to withdraw the April application and file another H4 renewal application if the March application gets approval? What should I do If the April application gets approved first? Moreover, I'm trying to expedite my application, which one should I expedite first?

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