I had both H1B extension petition and H4 petition before my I-94 expiration. Luckily my H1B got approval thus I want to withdraw the H4 petition. I’ve wrote a withdrawal request letter to USCIS CSC shipped together with the H4 receipt notice in certified mail about two weeks ago but haven’t received any reply yet. The withdrawal letter was as the followings: “RE: Withdrawal Request of I-539 Application, xxx(my name) Dear USCIS Officer, This letter is to request to withdraw my application of I-539 Change of Status (Receipt No. WACXXX). Enclosed please find a copy of the receipt notice of the I-539 to be withdrawn. The information about me and the case is as below: Requested Action: Withdrawal of I-539 #WACXXX Petitioner: xxx Beneficiary: xxx Date of Birth: xxx Receipt Number: WACxxxx USCIS Alien Number: Axxx. Reason to Withdraw: My H-1B extension petition has recently been approved by USCIS and I wish to remain in my current H-1B status.” Do you think this letter is enough to do the job or I need to mail a new one? Could you please suggest how to make a service request through phone or a case inquiry online regarding H4 withdrawal to prevent USCIS from approving my H4 petition?

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