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My current company A did not file I-539 along with my H1 & so my H4 Dependent's scenario now by latest date order: 1) Last action-ed upon I-539 petition of my H4 on company B which is immediately before current company A is with a validity date in June 30,2018. But we have a valid I-539 petition with I-94 date until April 2020 for the company C which is just before Company B. 2)H4 visa stamping on H4 passport is valid till Sep 2019 & this was company D before C & Online reflecting same sep 2019. Note: My current company A's H1 approved till April2019. Question 1: Are they in status?(because of stamping till 2019 & my valid H1 status) or out of state? (Based on last I-539 action of company B) ? If outstate then they do have grace 180 days correct ? Note: we are travelling December1st week Question 2: Travelling back in Jan 2019,What(I-539) will H4 show along with their Sep 2019 stamping ? Will they show company C's I539 till April 2020? same time I show current company A approval till April 2019 to officer, What should i say when a question arises when we show different I-539? Question 3: Should H4 again go to stamp visa for CompanyA H1?(valid sep2019 stamp exists)

User's Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States of America

Category: All Other US Visas