My name is Vidya and I am from India. I am in USA on H4 visa for last 12 years and also on valid GC-EAD under category C09 for last 3-4 years. My husband is primary H1B visa and approved GC-EAD holder. Our I-485 application is pending. Since I am also on valid GC-EAD, I worked in USA for last 3 years. I am going to India this year end for visa stamping. I was filling DS-160 form for visa stamping and I came across a question about my current and previous occupation in last 5 years. Since I have worked in USA on GC-EAD in last 3 years, I am thinking to provide those details. However, I have worked as independent contractor on 1099Misc for a company. I believe since I have worked on 1099, that company is not my employer. I believe I have worked under self employment on 1099 and offered my services to a company. Is that correct? So the question here to you is what I should mention as an answer to the question in DS-160, employer name = Self or the name of the company to which I provided my services on 1099. Please advise.

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