I lived in the US for 11 yrs and I had to leave the US due to a family emergency.I came back to Brazil. During my 11 yrs I enter the US with a B visa and overstayed, few yrs later I got a W permit, ssn, and DL. My GC was denied (LULAC) and now I am waiting for another GC opport thru a FB case, that has been approved . We're just waiting for a visa to become available. My issue is that this GC that I am waiting may NOT happen 'cos' I got married and I am not a minor anymore, so I was told that just my dad and my mom are getting it. This F4 is thru my uncle US citzen. I want to come back to the US at any cost. What are my chances on entering the US thru the border? I mean not crossing it, but presenting myself at the gate. Can I say I live on d other side and face court? Thru Canada or Mex ?

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