On my wife's birth certificate , the 'Name' field only has her first name mentioned without the last name. There is another field Name of Father / Mother that has her father's first and last name and her mother's first name only The N400 form has a question What is your current legal name? Your current legal name is the name on your birth certificate, unless it changed after birth by a legal action such as marriage or court order. There are 3 fields to fill: First Name, middle Name and Last Name. My question is: On the N400 form, if I fill just the first name and do not fill the last name (to match the birth certificate) , then after clicking Next button , the form gives the message "You must provide your last name". So I have to provide the last name to be able to proceed. Would this create a issue during the interview as name on form is not matching name on BC. Do we need to get any other documentation or proof as a substitute for her birth certificate . My wife's passport and DL all have her first, middle and last name and her GC has her first name , last name and middle initial We will also carry the birth certificate to the interview Thank You - Mrunal

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