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Hi, After working 18 years at my current company and waiting 12 years in the GC process, I finally received my Green Card on July 2. I have a job offer from a FAANG company which pays almost 1.75x my current salary for the similar job responsibilities. My current job / role has no growth prospects and no chances of pay increase. I would like to jump at the opportunity and join the new company FAANG ASAP, which would provide me with an excellent career growth opportunity and much needed economic freedom and a single earner.  I hear conflicting information that I need to stick around with my sponsoring company for at least 6 months to avoid issues during the citizenship process. Are there any strategies to work around this rule? Isn't 18 years at a company enough to prove my intent?

User's Location: Seattle, Alabama, United States of America

Category: US Citizenship and Naturalization