After 4 years of GC (employment based), I recently learnt that "resident since date" on my GC is incorrect. It is marked incorrectly as priority date (feb 2009) instead of actual GC issue date (Sep 2014). I however never faced problem in traveling in-and-out of country or any other issues because of this. I am now considering applying for citizenship and will be due to apply for N400 in May 2019 (3 mo before 5 year anniversary of Sep 2014) which is based on my correct issue date of GC. Since I am following correct date for filing, I wanted to check if there would be any concern from GC bearing incorrect date mark during naturalization process. I can get GC rectified now but i have heard it takes 8-10 months and I don't want to undertake this hassle if it doesn't matter as long as I stick to correct dates

User's Location: New York, New York, United States of America

Category: US Citizenship and Naturalization