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I am 65 year old and Green card expiring January 9th, 2019. Applied for Citizenship (N400) on June 20th, 2018 in Chicago. Received notice for Fingerprinting and completed Fingerprinting on July 13th, 2018. I will complete 180 days stay in the USA for the year 2018 by November 25, 2018. Would like to travel out of the country in December 2018 to visit my ailing mother. Can I travel after Nov 25th and return before Jan 9th (expiry of Greencard) without any issues while my N400 application is pending? What are my options if I have to stay beyond Jan 9th, assuming my N400 application is still in process? Should I apply for my I-90 GC renewal and is it possible to get it before Dec 2018 (depending on current wait times)? Please advise.

User's Location: Chicago, Texas, United States of America

Category: US Citizenship and Naturalization