Hi, I have been in US since 2000, transitioned from student/work visa and now a Permanant Resident. I have been a Permanant Resident since Sep 5, 2013. I am applying for citizenship and hence filling in N400 application. On n-400 a question that asks “Have you ever been arrested, cited, or detained by any law enforcement officer for any reason? I am not sure whether to answer Yes or a NO. I have NEVER been arrested but have received Speeding tickets(2009 and earlier when i was on my work visa and student visa) Here is my cases what I gathered from Public court records site. 1) Case in 2009 - 69mph on a 65mph zone Paid $125 CLOSED 2) Case in 2006 - Civil Case by ERin Capital Mgmt(non payment of credit card) - Paid off the amount due and case is CLOSED and satisfaction of judgment filed in 2008 3) Case in 2003 - Prohibited turn(no turn on right) - Paid $136 case CLOSED Question: I would like to know if the answer to the citation question should be YES(though it happened before by Green Card days) though these were speeding violations with NO Arrest. Question: does civil case like the Erin Capital mgmt need mentioned anywhere on the form? Thank You K

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