I have applied for US Citizenship and finished fingerprinting. On 1st May, I saw a status update saying my N400 interview has been scheduled though I don’t know the interview date yet. I have a foreign trip scheduled from 24th June - 9th July and have a few questions on that: 1) If my interview in scheduled during 24th June - 9th July, can I request to postpone and schedule it at a later date? 2) If my interview is prior to 24th June (and my oath taking ceremony hasn’t been finished prior to my trip), can I have my interview and travel abroad prior to my oath ceremony with my green card? 3) If my interview is finished earlier and oath ceremony is during my travel time, can I request to postpone it at a later date 4) When do I surrender my green card? During interview or oath ceremony?

User's Location: San Jose, California, United States of America

Category: US Citizenship and Naturalization