Sample RFE Response to Educational Background (H1B)

If the petitioner receives a Request for Evidence (RFE) pertaining to his educational eligibility for the H1-B petitioned role in the organization, he has to respond with a detailed description of his academic background justifying his eligibility for the H1-B petition. This sample response serves as a letter from the petitioner's Manager.

Note: Final version to be written on Company Letterhead

March 20, 2019

USCIS Address

(Insert your USCIS service center)

RE: Employee’s Educational Qualification for H1-B Petitioned Position

Dear Officer,

With reference to the employee (insert name), and his qualification for the job, the following description is to confirm that a Master of Engineering degree is the appropriate degree for the position of Job Role of (insert title and dept. name).

As part of our ongoing expansion initiatives, we recruit engineers to help us achieve our software

goals. __ (insert name of employee) _____ possesses the essential automating, testing, deployment, and building skills necessary for our ongoing software engineering projects. His software configuration management experience and his Master of Engineering degree fit perfectly for the position of __ (insert Job Role) ____. Our current team has limited experience in ___ (insert skill set) ____ and adding __ (insert name) ____ to the team ensures a successful migration of our GIT software control repositories because of his knowledge of ___ (insert skill set) ___ software as well as configuring and managing repositories and administering it.

His Master of Engineering degree and coursework are crucial to the proposed job duties. A few specific examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • The knowledge acquired through the engineering course titled “__ (insert coursework) ___” is useful for our team’s process for better and faster software releases of our products.
  • The Risk Assessment knowledge/skills gained from ___ (insert coursework) ___ will help our company to pro-actively find out risks related to our IT products.
  • The analytical capabilities gained from ___ (insert coursework) ___ will help with the statistical data analysis by using computer software related to our products and apply his engineering skills for better IT solutions.
  • The planning, organizing, scheduling knowledge/skills which he gained from ___ (insert coursework)_____ helps with the Team process, which involves managing, planning, scheduling of software projects and controlling the output for a better software product for business process improvements.

His educational background and experience has supported the success of our project and our company requires a degree in [insert his/her degree] for this position, and we have already benefited from his engineering services and will continue to benefit as a result of his continued employment.

If you have any questions, please contact me ___ (insert email) ___ or our immigration lawyer, ___ (insert name) ___ at ___ (insert email) ___.


(Manager Signature)

Manager Name & Designation

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