Sample No Objection Certificate From Former Employer

A no-Objection certificate from the applicant former employer states that he has been relieved of his duties at his former employment and that they have no reason to object to his travels to the United States. This helps in strengthening his case to at his visa appointment and port of entry



To Whom It May Concern

We hereby issue this No Objection Certificate upon request of [Name] who worked with us as a [Designation/Position], since [Date] to [Date]. During his/her working tenure of two years we found him/her loyal, punctual and committed towards his/her work.

Mr./Mrs. [insert name] has the capability to do work under stressful conditions and his/her time with our team was greatly appreciated. He/She is leaving this job due to his/her personal reasons and we have no objection where [insert name] decides to further his/her career. We wish him/her good luck with all future endeavors.

Please contact us at the below address if anything further is needed for this matter.



(Company/Organization Name)


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