Sample Job Description Letter

The job description letter should be provided by a Management Head or immediate Manager on the company letterhead. While this is just a sample for reference, it should be customized to each individual’s job being described at length. This is required when responding to a Request for Evidence (RFE) regarding the petitioner's job and his/her duties in the role being petitioned for.

Detailed Job Description

Name: __ (Insert Name of employee) ____

Title: ___ (Insert Title/Position of employee) ___

Duration of Project: _____

Task 1:  Analyze systems and Design Applications based on Design Specifications

Percentage of time: 10%

  • Determine SAP ERP Implementation plan, its optimal size and desired versions by using tools: SAP Quick Size tool and SAP PAM (Product Availability Manager) and SAP MyERP Planning techniques.
  • Gather business requirements from process owners and plan required SAP ERP design by using SAP tools and methodologies.
  • Developing data dictionary & Object-Oriented changes as per business workflow and transporting changes using SAP STMS, SAP Workbench techniques.
  • Implementing custom templates for automation of Batch Jobs, Data flow, alerts, monitoring, reporting using Solution manager tools.

Task 2: Design Architecture and Application Rationalization

Percentage of time: 25%

  • Evaluating architectural aspects of all applications using Standard template, SAP Notes, Co-hosting methods, Multiple Component on Single DB
  • Providing SSL/HTTPS configurations for allowing data to be accessible from outside world using Mobiles and Tablets.

Task 3: Installation, Administration and Inspection

Percentage of time: 30%

  • Responsible for Installing: Fiori Client APP and Personas components using SUM (Upgrade tool) in ECC as an Add-on component
  • Then connecting all the Backend systems to SAP cloud using Cloud connector tool and enabling the Http/Https connectivity.

Task 4: Monitoring and Success Factor Integration

Percentage of time: 25%

  • Responsible for post-design Success Factors objects for configuring and importing HR requirements which helps personalizing Portal User Interfaces based on role criteria to maintain User confidentiality.
  • Responsible for setting up Technical monitoring for all the Managing systems with a Proactive monitoring method and by predefined SAP Template which work on Algorithms and Binary logics.
  • Responsible for tracking all the production changes which move from Dev – Test – Production Systems using CHARM and Quality gate management tools. The change process is monitored, validated and approved from the moment Change is made in Development.

Task 5: Documentation

Percentage of time: 10%

  • Project Roadmaps
  • SAP Kick off plan and documentation
  • SAP Implementation and Upgrade documentation
  • SAP Phase documentation
  • SAP Work-plan
  • SAP presentations

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