Sample Letter for Request for Extension of Stay

Visitors who wish to stay beyond the time indicated on their Form I-94 can apply for an Extension of Stay to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office. A letter must be attached with the application stating the reason for the extension and the date until the extension is required. The letter can also include the list of all the supporting documents attached with the application justifying the request.

[Invitee's Name]
[phone number]
[passport number]



[Insert Address]
[Insert City, State, Zip]

Re: B2 Visitors Visa Extension Request for [insert name]

Date of Visa Expiration: [expiration date]

To Whom It May Concern

I am requesting an extension of stay on behalf of my [insert visitor/s]. Unfortunately, due to my employment obligations, the [age, health, disability] of [insert visitor] we have not been able visit all of the tourist attractions intended in the allotted time frame previously granted. According to the approved Form I-94, [insert visitor] are/is currently authorized to stay until [insert date]. However, [insert visitor/s] seeks to extend [their/his/her] stay in the United States until [insert date]. Per USCIS recommendations this request is being submitted 45 days prior to the authorized stay expires. Enclosed herewith are the following supporting documents:

  1. completed and executed  Form I-539, as well as documents for the extension of stay for [insert name] who [are/is] currently in the United States on a B2 Tourist Visa.
  2. Copies of Form I-94
  3. Copies of all passport pages
  4. Copies of return airline tickets
  5. Proof of financial support including Form I-134, bank statements, employment letter, recent pay stubs, and account verification letter from my bank

In the event an extension of stay is approved, [insert visitor/s] will continue to reside at my home located at [insert address]. Furthermore, financial support will be continually provided for [insert visitor/s] by me. Please take into further consideration that [insert visitor/s] has/have strong verifiable ties to [insert country]. Which include a business, property, and other family in [insert country]. In light of these ties, [insert visitor/s] have/has no intentions to stay permanently in the United States, as well as guarantee [they/he/she ] will promptly return to these ties in [insert country] before the expiration of an authorized extension of stay.

I kindly request you to approve an extended I-94 for [insert visitor/s]. Should any questions or concerns arise regarding this application, please feel free to contact me at [insert address].

Thank you,

[Invitee’s signature above]

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