Sample B2 Visa Cover Letter

A cover letter may be included by a B2 visa applicant when applying for a visitor’s visa. This cover letter will act as a table of contents of what’s included in your submission package. The cover letter could include information like the reason for travel, intent to return back to the home country after a short trip. In addition, the applicant must show that he/she will use the visa appropriately.

[Visitor’s Name]
[Visitor’s Address]
[Phone number]
[Home number]

United States Consulate General
[Address of the Consulate]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Re: Request for B2 Visitor’s visa to the United States

I, [Visitor's name] would like to request you to please grant me a Visitor’s Visa to visit the United States of America during summer .I fully intend to return back to [India] within the authorized time frame due in part to following facts:

  1. I currently hold a permanent full time position at [insert company] in [insert location], and will need to return back after my vacation is over.
  2. I have two kids a son [Visitor's kids name], aged xx years and a daughter [Visitor's kids name], aged xx year, who are dependent upon me to provide and care for them.
  3. I own several properties jointly with my spouse in [Property City] which I tend to regularly.
I humbly request you to consider my application and grant me a Visitor’s Visa. Should there be any questions regarding this matter, please contact me at [insert address]. Thank you for your time.


[Visitor's name]

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