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Birth Certificate Translation Template

Having a Birth Certificate is one of the most important proofs of identity and age. Also, it is one of the major requirements for obtaining a passport or a Green Card in the U.S. If you don’t have a Birth Certificate in English, you can get it translated by a certified Language Service Provider (LSP). Below shown is a template for a Birth Certificate Translation which includes details about you and your family.


  1. NAME: __________[Full Name]_________
  2. BIRTH PLACE: __(city/town)   (state/province)       (country)___
  3. Birth Date: _____MM / DD / YYYY_____
  4. Father’s Name: _____[Full Name]_____
    Father’s Age: ________________________
    Father’s Nationality: _________________
  5. Mother’s Name: _____[Full Name]_____
    Mother’s Age: ________________________
    Mother’s Nationality: _________________
  6. Certificate Issued:
    Place Registered: __(city/town)   (state/province)       (country)___
    Date Registered: _____MM / DD / YYYY_____
    Magistrate: _____[Full Name]_____
  7. Certificate Found (Archive or register):
    Book No.: ________________
    Page: ___________________
    Ref.: ____________________


I, _______________________________ certify that I am competent to translate from [fill in the language of the document] to English and that the above translation of the original "Birth Certificate" is a complete and accurate translation to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Signed: [Signature translator]
Print: (Printed name of translator]

Address: __________________________________
Telephone: ________________________________
Date: _____________________________________

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