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My spouse is getting an L1A filed by her employer under premium processing. They would be filing green card on the earliest eligibility as well. I have the option to file L2 under her as dependent or "separately" get an L1A filed by own employer (they have not done one in the past but are willing to do so for me - we do have a plant in Ohio but I would be posted as remote). My key question is if we file 2 separate L1As, when we are eligible for green card under her employment, I would need to apply for change of status to go under L2 and get mine filed as dependent. Right? Would the COS be a long procedure or could that be done in parallel to filing the green card under her. Our preferred path is simplest, uncomplicated way to the GC but if if I can continue my job, that helps (note: my employer wouldnt be filing the green card for me so the only choice would be to file under her)

User's Location: Toronto, Canada

Category: L1 Visa (Work Visa)