my wife has been offered an opportunity to work in nyc on l1b visa by tcs for hp client. We are right now based in mumbai. I am working in interactive brokers, mumbai and have 1.8 years old daughter too. I am of age 36 and wife is of age 30. I(Nitin) have studied in usa from 2012 to 2014 abd worked on f1 opt visa from 2014 to 2016 and now I hold only b1 visa and never had any other visa than b1 or f1. Nishtha(wife, who has l1b offer from tcs) never had any usa visa. How easy would it be for me to work on L2 visa? We are aware that one can not change jobs on l1 but can change on l2. We are specifically concerned about getting delayed l2 ead first time and also at the time if renewal after 3 years. thank you.

User's Location: mumbai, India

Category: L1 Visa (Work Visa)