Hi, I am shifting to US for 2-3 years and exploring ways so that my husband can get a US work visa as soon as possible. My H1B visa has been approved and my stamping is in March. I want to move to L1A as my husband can work on L2 . I need assistance on following: 1. Can I apply for L1A even if I have H1B ? Are there high chances of rejections from USCIS? 2. Should I go for H1B stamping or NOT, if I want to apply for L1A. 3. Which will be faster getting L1A stamped in India or in US? 4. Do I need to wait for couple of months to apply L1A, as I have H1B or can I apply immediately. 5. How long it will take to get L1A in US? 6. What are the risks in moving from H1B to L1? 7. What are the risks for my organization if they apply my L1A now? Also I wanted to know whether I am eligible for EB1 as I am coming on H1B as IT project manager and have experience of handling 10+ team in India? Can I file EB1 within 1 month as soon as I land in US? What is the processing time? When can Ii get I-140 is approved so that EAD can be filed and my husband starts working asap.

User's Location: Edison, New Jersey, United States of America

Category: L1 Visa (Work Visa)