I am working as multinational Manager on L1A visa for an IT firm and my visa is getting expired by Feb14, 2019. I applied for extension in premium and I got the news that my extension is denied. Reason for denial is “You have provided duties that says primary will involve in marketing, customer service and sales duties and that are not considered as qualifying duties” .I have I-140 approved on Eb1 for my case with Priority date as end of Nov 2017 .I am waiting on I 485 filing date to move for applying 485.(Current PD -1 oct 2017) . Can I again reapply L1 extension on normal mode with valid response addressing the denial reason so that if in the meantime dates for 485 filing moves forward, I can apply and get EAD with AP? If I apply L1 extension again, will the USCIS consider my application? What will be the action from USCIS if they have to reject one more time even after submitting proper evidence. Will they deport or call for Notice to Appear? Will you suggest reapplying for L1 extension with current trend going on with USCIS and considering my Eb1 case?

User's Location: louisville, Kentucky, United States of America

Category: L1 Visa (Work Visa)