Here is the scenario: Dec 07: First time L1A (Blanket) petition was filed and stamping done for a year, expiring in Dec 2008 Jan 08 - Dec 08: Worked in U.S.on L1A Oct 08: Applied L1A extension (individual) - Petition got RFE in Dec 08 and subsequently the petition was rejected in Jan 2009 after the response to the rfe was filed. Dec08 - Moved back to Home country July 2009 - Individual L1A petition was filed with USCIS, which again got RFEd in Aug 2009 and the petition was withdrawn. I have been working with the same company till now. Question: Am I eligible only for Individual category(in L1A or L1B) now or can my company file Blanket application (L1A or L1B) Thanks.

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Category: L1 Visa (Work Visa)