Hi i came to usa on august 14 2008 on a b1/b2 visa got extension then applyed l1a opening a new office in us got approved on 27 july 2009 have premises made few contracts company is runnimg but not doing as good as we thought current economic situation we need more time now l1a expiring on july 1st 2010 i dont have millions of dollers in my business account as everyone suggested should have a team of four people under me but have not filed for tax yet what documents should i file to get extension does having money transferd every month from parent company importent? whats the criteria for a textile marketing company or should i just go back and come back on f2 visa as my wife just got addmission in penn law school. b1 is valid till 2012 can i still come back on that if l1 out of status?

User's Location: baltimore, Maryland, United States of America

Category: L1 Visa (Work Visa)