I got married in my home country, Syria, in April 2016. The wedding ceremony took place in Syria; however, the marriage certificate wasn’t produced till after I left back to the US. My attorney in fact in Syria signed the certificate on my behalf. I’m planning to file K3 or CR1 visa to bring my wife to the US. - Will USCIS accept the certificate even though it was signed by my attorney, not me? I have the translated power of attorney document which I signed before I left Syria. Do I need to file it along with the marriage certificate? - For K3 visa, I know that the foreign spouse should go the US embassy in her home country to apply. The US embassy in Syria has been closed for a while; will that take the k3 visa option off the table and leave me with CR1? Which visa do you recommend?

User's Location: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Category: K3 Visa (Marriage Visa)